Hidden video cameres and nanny cams


A wireless Color video camera with audio hidden in a working pen. A high resolution low Lux camera. Has the ability to transmit video and audio up to 500 ft. away. 400 lines of resolution and a low 0.8 Lux rating. The pinhole lens is undetectable and has a wide 90 degrees field of view. The miniature 2.4 GHz transmitter sends crystal clear video and audio up to 500 ft. line of sight. Works great in any discreet situation. The size is as slim as a normal pen. Just push the on/off switch on the pen and you are ready to take the most discreet videos.

Looks like an ordinary soda can. You can leave this device right out in the open. Place it on a table or your desk and record everything without the slightest notice from anyone around.

Chinese manufacturers keep working hard to push the world forward into a hole of crappy amateur porn, one spy pinhole camera at a time. But when they add one to an Oral-B electric toothbrush, you know things won’t end well.

This is  new product cigarette box Mini DVR Camera——cigarette box dvr. the size is just the same as cigarette box, is the thinnest digital video recorder and camera. it's operated inside, can be used in any place secretly (such as conference, meeting, secret surveillance evidence collection).built in a high volume Lithium-ion battery.easy to operate.cigarette box dvr micro- recorder/camera/recorder .

Belt Buckle Spy Camera

The Baseball Cap Spy Camera features a tiny hidden video camera on the front of the cap, it can record video at a 640 x 480 resolution at twenty five frames per second.

People are becoming more and more infatuated with video recording systems that are used as spy cams. The You-Vision Glasses have a small video recorder placed in between the lenses.

There is a 320 by 240 video pixel camera embedded into the frame. Pressing a button located on the sides of the glasses can trigger the camera.

USB charging Yes This shoe camera we ccd camera, video quanlity is extraordinary clear, idal for you to spy, or do any surveillance activities.working for long hours

The Spy Camera Sports Watch just looks like a standard sports watch, but inside there is a tiny video camera which would be ideal for your next covert spy mission.

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