How to set up a spy camera

With today's digital technology and the Internet, preparing a camera and a monitor from anywhere in the world can be done in minutes. So if you ever his wife, her husband, her son, her daughter and her babysitter child wanted to spy on, here is an easy way to install spy cameras.

Choose a camera

1. Deciding that she is interested in places of spiare.alcuni that she might want to consider the child's room, the living room or your spouse or your girlfriend / boyfriend's car.

2. Choose the camera. There are cameras available today that writes, wall clocks, wind and books are disguised as everyday items such as, among other things, a variety of. These are independent and the card memory SD which is drawn record of activities. She brings just the paper and insert in your computer to play them again. However Wi - Fi cams inserted into a VCR or a laptop is required.

3. Install the camera. Depend on the complexity of preparing a camera on sé.mura camera mounted security cams require a bit more work. Just attach to a wall using screws of which mounts and then insert it into a power source. Most of these are weather resistant, so you can get them wet and exposing them.

4. The radio Connect the camera to your TV or color computer.giallo and red coded cable has the same exact color and you just plug the hole. You can plug the receiver into the USB port on your laptop and use it as a recording device for digital video can.

5. Check his cameras on the internet. Once installed on your computer are connected to the video receiver will keep you connected to the Internet. Any laptop, PDA or mobile phone enbabled canvas will use his camera.

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